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Next Stop Norway! Oslo Preview

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

Now that I am wrapping up my time in Sweden, it's time to look ahead at the next destination of my journey. Since I have never been to Norway I am not able to give much of a preview, but here is what I have gathered so far. As per many of persons I have discussed my travels with, Oslo is very expensive compared to Sweden, and believe me I didn't think it was possible for any place to be more expensive than Sweden. I guess that means most of my meals will come from the grocery store, with the exception of whatever strangely prepared fish that Norwegians are known for.

I was also informed by my Polish hostel-mate that Oslo is dubbed "The Largest Village in the World". I'm not sure what that means, exactly, perhaps that the city refuses to become too densely developed so they can maintain their historical identity and/or simpler lifestyle. I will have to look into that as this insistence for non-density impacts urban planning and development.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to experiencing some uncharted territory - another flag in the cake, if you will (you had to be there). In addition to the architecture and built environment, I am hoping I can explore some of Norway's natural environment - mountains and fjords and forests, oh my!