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Stockholm, Sweden Preview

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

The first destination on the itinerary is to fly from London to Stockholm, Sweden. I have traveled here in the summer of 2011 with a study abroad architectural studio course, officially named the Iceland and Scandinavia Traveling Studio. The course was designed to travel through the region and study urban design/planning and architecture. I feel confident returning to this city since I have experience there, especially when it comes to the public transit and finding my way around. In my opinion, Sweden had the best rail system of all the countries I have visited. Clean, modern, fast, on-time, reliable and frequent!

I'm sure not everyone has seen the travel pictures from my time with the University of Michigan. They were posted on Facebook, but this isn't Facebook so enjoy the galleries below of our studio time in Sweden. Pictures include Stockholm, Lund and Malmö.


Gallery 1


Gallery 2