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Business Materials

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

Progress and updates for my tangible (non-electronic) business materials, referring to the A4 Work Sample sheets and Business Cards. I have been messing around with the work samples trying to figure out a creative way to bind them together as a booklet set, from different folding techniques and gluing sheets together. Glue was too much of a hassle and could get messy, plus there is a chance that I might have to put these documents together while I'm on the road. I'm learning that (maybe some) companies here aren't as diligent with time and getting a customer's order to them quickly. I was hoping to receive the final sets before I head to Stockholm, but there is a chance that I will need the print company to mail the sets to the hostel I'm staying at and I will put them together there. So, alas no glue or having to take too many supplies on the road, and instead I will just be doing a simple hidden seam that is stapled together in the center.


The business cards arrived! Go figure, I ordered them from a company in the United States, they printed 250 of them and might have even been printed and mailed from South Korea. Compared to the local printing company tasked with my work samples, the business cards were here in ludicrous speed! Okay, one small problem I had with the cards was that I would have no idea how they would look, as the printers do not send a proof of what your order. I just had to order the 250 minimum and hope for the best, but for the results I am 95% satisfied - only issue I have is in the name, title, and contact info I didn't want to be transparent because on a dark backdrop that info gets lost. I was looking to have a business card made that sticks out from the usual crowd. The transparency thin plastic really gives it a cool effect and I cannot wait to start handing them out to prospective employers at their office, or at seminars, conferences, lectures, or any other event I may find myself at.