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Stockholm Review - Part 1

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

Stockholm, Sweden was the second stop on Job Hunt World Tour 2014... hey, that would make for a sweet t-shirt in the style of a heavy metal band with tour dates. Oh, that's going to be so damn cool, and could be the beginning of personal merchandise for sale. Awesome! Anyways, back to the recap. Stockholm, technically the second stop, was the first in which I began the hand-delivering of materials and getting some face-time with front office personnel. There was a learning curve in first of all navigating a foreign language for public transit and addresses, while also learning the right and wrong things to say in order to physically enter an office and make a good first impression. Before arriving to Sweden, the United Kingdom was the first official stop on the tour, but I was only able to send out electronic e-mail applications and a couple hard-copies were mailed to offices in London.

My initial list of offices in Stockholm included five large, very reputable and internationally practicing firms. Each of the firms have multiple office locations throughout Scandinavia and other regions, and depending on the cities I will indicate if I am interested in opportunities at the other locations. I will admit that I am generally interested in working at the office that "sees the most action", meaning the one that is doing the company's most exciting and important projects. Below is the list of initial offices with links to their websites.

3XN  Address still unknown. *Main office in Copenhagen knows of my interest in Stockholm

Arkitema Architects  Rosenlundsgatan 29A, Box 17114, S 104 62 Stockholm  +46 8 5458 5600

C.F. Møller Architects  Krukmakargatan 19, 118 51 Stockholm  +46 8 5557 6000

Tengbom  Katarinavägen 15, 116 45 Stockholm  +46 8 412 5200

White Arkitekter  Östgötagatan 100, Box 4700, 116 92 Stockholm  +46 8 402 2500

My first priority during my travels is to hand-deliver applications, but I am also very interested in checking out the architecture projects - specifically, the modern buildings - and urban planning/design throughout the city. An unexpected, but welcomed result of searching something along the lines of "modern architecture in Stockholm", I not only found some pretty good lists of buildings to see, I also noted the architects which increased my list of prospective employers. Throughout the rest of my travels I will perform similar searches which will aid me in finding cool architecture to see in person and possibly add to the list of local architects to check for possible employment. The two firms below were added to my list by doing the architecture search.

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter  Blekingegatan 46, 116 62 Stockholm  +46 8 702 0046

Wingårdhs  Katarinavägen 17, SE 116 45 Stockholm  +46 8 447 4080