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Stockholm Review - Part 2

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

Where did I stay? What did I see?

To answer the first question, I stayed at a hostel called Långholmen which used to be an island prison until 1975. Today, the prison has since been converted into a hostel, hotel, and conference center among other facilities located on the island. I would definitely consider staying at this hostel if I were to visit again, and I have no problem recommending it to anyone who is considering a visit to Stockholm. The price was very reasonable, it was quiet, the staff was very friendly and accommodating, and I found more adults staying here than a typical hostel that sees younger travelers. I stayed in a room with four beds, and must say I was lucky to get roomed with some gentlemen that gave me all kinds of good information about Stockholm and other cities I am planning to visit. Sometimes, you just get lucky with who you're roomed with. The hostel/hotel is located near a bus hub and not that far from the metro train station, Hornstull. I would also like to add that the hostel rooms are located in the hotel's museum area which contained a lot of old artifacts and mannequins dressed in historical attire. Below are some images of the island and inside the Långholmen hostel/museum.

One of my favorite things to do while I was in Stockholm was seeing the city's modern architecture in person. It is a reminder of why I am traveling to these places as an aspiring architect, which is to be working for a company that is doing these types of projects in a city with international significance. I am thoroughly looking forward to the day that I can call one of these places "home" because I would then be afforded the opportunity of challenging my creativity while also drawing inspiration from all of the current and future projects that will adorn these rapidly changing cities. Although I had a much longer list of buildings to check out, I was only able to get to the ones shown below because I ran out of time and several projects were not finished with construction.

The last component of this portion of the review are the images I took while roaming the city. Some days I don't have an exact plan of things to see, so I will just set out to different areas looking for interesting things to photograph, or sometimes I may just stumble upon something while I am traveling from one architecture firm to the next. Below are those pictures that I will just call "Around the City."